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Terms and conditions

By using this website www.uksbestdrivingschools.co.uk you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.  You agree it is your responsibility to check these terms and conditions regularly as they may change from time to time.

In the following terms and conditions "www.uksbestdrivingschools.co.uk" will be referred to as "this site".

Users of this site

You agree that anyone at this site will not be held responsible or anyone in connection with this site for any stress caused, any transaction with third parties other than this site.  Training that you decide to take as a result of following adverts or listings on this site, or parting with money of any amount you agree that it is totally your responsibility and indemnify us from any prosecution or bad publicity or any legal challenge of any kind, if you do make a legal challenge or give us bad publicity you agree to pay all our legal costs that we at this site or any one in connection with us may incur in defending our selves and you will pay any fines that may be imposed on us as a result of said legal proceedings.

All information is for general use, we at this site do not recommend any driving school, instructor or any training companies and it is your responsibility to make sure that you are happy to part with money or take driving tuition with any instructor or driving school or any training company.  It is also your responsibility to check that the person giving driving tuition is qualified to do so. (Always ask for proof that they are qualified before commencing with lessons or advice).

You agree If you are adding a listing to this site to advertise driving lessons or tuition you agree that all information is correct and true, you agree that any content you add such as logo's or images of any kind that you are the owner of or have permission to publish them, if you are unsure then don't use them, you agree that any legal proceedings or fines imposed against this site or any one or company in relation to this site will be paid for by you in advance if we have to defend our selves against/in prosecution because you have added copyrighted or patented content.

If you are offering/advertising driving tuition for profit you must be a fully qualified registered driving instructor by the driving standards agency otherwise you are breaking the law.  By advertising with us you agree that you will pay in advance all legal costs or fines should this site or any one related to it be prosecuted because you are not a registered qualified driving standards agency driving instructor.

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